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The La Vela Restaurant was established in 2006 to serve finest traditional Italian food and wines. Over the years it has developed a strong reputation for great food and relaxation in a warm, friendly, and familiar atmosphere.We love Italian cookery and we believe that you can taste when someone loves what they do. The pursuit will be to make each and every dish reflected in the menu, an outstanding experience to ones senses. Dine on our sumptuous and exquisite a la carte menu in the evening when can enjoy delicious food as well as the cozy atmosphere make the restaurant one of the most popular eating places for the locals.

The quality of the food stems from the freshness and purity of its ingredients. Keeping in mind the growing numbers of Vegetarians, La Vela has a varied selection of Starters, Salads as well as pizzas, pastas, Grilled Steaks and Chicken.

La Vela combines comtemporary elegace, an intimate ambience and outstanding service, Italian cuisine was appreciated by visitors at its true value

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